Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to Reiki Knowledge Videos Level 1, 2, 3

    2. Reiki Manuals Level 1, 2, 3 [ PDF DOWNLOAD]

    1. History of Reiki

    2. What is Reiki Attunement and 21 days self healing process

    3. Reiki Healing Technique GASSHO

    4. Reiki Healing Technique JOSHIN KOKYUU HO (Reiki Breathing)

    5. Reiki Healing Technique REIJI HO

    6. Reiki Healing Technique CHIRYO

    7. Reiki Healing Technique KENYOKU HO

    8. How to sweep aura during Reiki healing session

    9. Reiki Healing Technique BYOSEN (Aura Scanning)

    10. How to do self healing with Reiki

    11. Possible Sensations during Reiki healing session

    12. Self Healing Demonstration - Reiki Level 1_ English

    13. Important Points to be kept in mind by Reiki healers

    14. Energy Exchange in Reiki

    15. How to heal others with Reiki

    16. How to charge objects, places, plants and animals in Reiki Level 1

    1. How to send Reiki to future events

    2. How to draw Reiki Power Symbol CHO KU REI

    3. How to draw Reiki Mental_Emotional Symbol SEI HEI KI

    4. Reiki Level 2 Symbol SEI HEI KI

    5. How to create a REIKI SHOWER

    6. How to draw Reiki Distance Symbol HON SHA ZE SHO NEN

    7. How to charge objects, places, plants and animals in Reiki Level 2

    8. Introduction to Reiki Level 2 symbols

    9. Reiki Level 2 symbol CHO KU REI

    10. How to heal multiple people_wishes using REIKI BOX

    11. How to heal past lives and unconscious memories with Reiki Level 2 symbols

    12. How to remove unwanted energy cords using Reiki

    13. How to do Distance Healing using Level 2 symbols

    14. How to program Reiki using CHI BALL

    15. How to combine & use Reiki Level 2 symbols for various purposes

    16. Reiki Level 2 Symbol HON SHA ZE SHO NEN

    17. Creative uses of Reiki Level 2 symbols

    1. Lets know about ARCHANGEL GABRIEL

    2. Lets understand about Archangel Rapheal

    3. Lets understand about ARCHANGEL URIEL

    4. Learn about Karuna Ki symbols GNOSA and KRIYA

    5. Learn about Karuna Ki symbols IAVA and SHANTI

    6. Lets understand about ARCHANGEL MICHEAL

    7. Introduction of Archangels

    8. How to heal yourself through crystals

    9. How to cleanse, program and store crystals

    10. Lets understand Grounding Symbol RAKU

    11. How to send Reiki to Mother Earth & World situations

    12. Reiki Psychic Surgery

    13. How to choose crystals

    14. Lets understand Master symbol DAI KO MYO

    15. Introduction to Karuna Ki

    16. Various shapes & types of crystals & their uses

    17. Learn about Karuna Ki symbols ZONAR and HALU

    18. How to do Karmic Healing with Reiki

    19. Learn about Karuna Ki symbols HARTH and RAMA

    20. How to heal using Reiki Level 3 symbols

    21. How to get stronger protection during healing

    22. Introduction to Crystals

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